Our mission

We are crafters of beauty. Our goal is to enhance the well-being and self-confidence of our patients, while honouring their diversity and making natural beauty accessible to all skin types.

Those of your mouth, those of your eyes, those of your silhouette. Like waves drawing curves on the water’s surface, the lines of your silhouette move. They evolve with time, without ever losing their poetry.

So let’s transform these lines together and let them transform us in return!

May they be the proud and discreet testimony of a wind of change.

ONO Estetika® is the eye trained to read between the lines. With rigor, professionalism and empathy, we respect each of the contours that define you so that you can better enjoy being the person that you are.

Our history

The ONO Estetika® network of centers and clinics has been growing. As the only group present in several cantons specialising in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery, ONO Estetika® is a leader in the Swiss market. The reason for this success is simple: Our demanding nature is multidimensional and focused on reaching your personal goals. The quality of our services, the expertise and the benevolence of our doctors make all the difference.

Our centres

Through our consultation centres and operating clinics in the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland, we take care of you and your relationship with your body. Select the facility nearest you and our specialists will lay the foundation for that long-awaited renewal in your life. Wherever you are.

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